11 June 2004

Two developers joined the project. Please welcome Jim Phillips and Ross Jones.
28 May 2004

This website goes online.
25 May 2004

The BluePalm2X project registered with Sourceforge.

Remote control MacOSX applications with any Bluetooth enabled Palm handheld.

BluePalm2X will consist of a set of two applications that will work together. The first one is a small "faceless" app for MacOSX, written in Cocoa C using Apple's Xcode. The second one is an application for Palm handhelds with bluetooth support. This one will be written in C using Apple's Xcode and the PRC tools.

The Palm application will connect to the Mac application via the bluetooth protocol. With this connection it will be possible to launch scripts (written in AppleScript) on the Mac that will control applications like for example iTunes or Apples DVD application on the Mac.
BluePalm2X will not be limited to these basic applications. Every AppleScript-enabled application will be controlable from the Palm, because custom scripts for any needed (and wanted) application can be added.

When all needed protocols are implemented and the Mac version is mature, a Linux and Windows port of the Mac application is the future goal.

Call for developers

If you are a developer with OSX or Palm skills you are welcome to help us out coding. If you already worked on a project involving bluetooth on one of these platforms you are even more welcome! ;-)
Please send a short note to the open discussion forum or write an email to the project-admin, describing your skills and interest, and we will contact you asap. Logo
Last Update: 28 May 2004